reach more people on instagram with magnify

#Tip — Reach More People On Instagram With Magnify

What is the key to reach more people on Instagram?


Many users, influencers and brands use tons of hashtags to maximize the visibility of their content on this social network.

But it is not always as easy as it seems to think of and include the right hashtags when posting a new photo.

Now, Magnify allows you to insert hashtags on the fly — and efficiently — with their Automagic Insertion™ technology.

reach more people on instagram with magnify screenshot

Initially invented to help you sign your posts, the concept is dead simple and very powerful:

  • Install Magnify on your smartphone (Android only at the moment).
  • User predefined categories (i.e. lists) of up to 30 hashtags or create your own — for instance beach, city, summer, sale, etc.
  • When you publish a new post on Instagram, just add magnify_one-of-your-lists-name — e.g. magnify_beach — and all the hashtags from this list will automagically be added to the caption of your post.

This is a great way to use hashtags consistently, save time and, of course, reach more people on Instagram!

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