Percentage Of Snapchat Audience Exclusivity

#Data — Percentage Of Snapchat Audience Exclusivity

Let’s kick off this week just like we ended the previous one, with social media usage data: today, we are focusing on the percentage of Snapchat audience exclusivity.

That’s the proportion of Snapchatters who are exclusive to the Snapchat platform on a given day, in comparison to those who use Snapchat and also use another platform.

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, commissioned App Annie to analyze audiences on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and — of course — Snapchat, which revealed that:

48% of our daily audience in the US can’t be found on Instagram on any given day. As for Facebook and Twitter, 40% and 80% of our daily audience (respectively) can’t be found on those platforms.

Here are these results, segmented by country (USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia & Australia), in the form of a very nice GIF:

Percentage Of Snapchat Audience Exclusivity App Annie Analysis Summary


You can learn more about this study, both on Snapchat’s blog and App Annie’s blog Insights sections.

Timing is interesting, as these numbers, which can potentially trigger a fair dose of FOMO amongst advertisers, get announced at the same time as Snapchat is rolling out its new sponsored stories & “hands-on” AR ads.

What these numbers do not show however, is the size (absolute numbers) and percentage (relative numbers) of the broad Facebook ecosystem’s audience exclusivity, i.e. how many users are exclusive to the Facebook / Messenger / Instagram on a given day, in comparison to those who use one of these platform and and also use Snapchat: hint, it must be significantly higher than the numbers above.

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: a very clear incentive to give Snapchat’s new ads a go, while keeping in mind that Snapchat remains a smaller platform than competition.

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