Get A Social Media Manager’s View On SEO

#LongRead — Get A Social Media Manager’s View On SEO

As Social Media Managers, we may spend a significant amount of time sharing our perspective — i.e. explaining how social media work — with other departments (marketing, finances, supply chain, etc.).

This is exactly the reason why learning from other departments, too, is a great idea.

Our long read of the week goes into this direction: getting a social media manager’s view on SEO.

In this SocialTimes article by Dennis Yu, you will learn how to:

  • Get search results that are not biased by your search activity.
  • Interpret what you see in  Google Search Console & Google Analytics.
  • Leverage social media to improve rankings.

And here is certainly the single most important takeaway from this article:

[…] by simply doing your job in social, you’re helping your brand’s Google search results. And the person whose job is to do SEO should be producing great content for you and other webmasters, which helps your social results.

SEO, public relations, social media marketing, content marketing and word of mouth are increasingly becoming the same discipline. There are different tools and different channels, but in common is the production and sharing of content that is worthy of distribution.

At Loomly, we could not agree more: creating and sharing high quality content is a key success factor for brands and business of all sizes and trades.

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