Create Contracts Effortlessly With The Standard Freelance Agreement

#Tool — Create Contracts Effortlessly With The Standard Freelance Agreement

If your work as a freelancer, then you know how painful it can get to kick-off a project with a new client you have never worked with: this is where the Standard Freelance Agreement comes into play.

The Standard Freelance Agreement

Developed by AND CO in partnership with the Freelancers Union, the Standard Freelance Agreement is a simple — yet life-saver — online tool allowing you to draft contracts like a breeze:

  1. Input client information
  2. Define project details
  3. Select ownership rights
  4. Set agreement, payment & termination terms
  5. Input your information
  6. Review your contract, sign it electronically and send it to your client

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: being vetted by an independent third-party, fair for both freelancers and companies, and compliant with the upcoming Freelance Isn’t Free Act, contracts made through the platform enable healthier relationships,  allowing everyone involved to focus on what really matter, work!

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