Track Meme Trends With Me.Me Trends

#Fun — Track Meme Trends With Me.Me Trends

Inspired by the r/MemeEconomy subreddit, the team at created a super fun tool allowing all of us to track meme trends! Trends basically works like Google Trends: type in one or more terms and a graph will show you how popular your phrases have been over time, in the realm of memes.

Track Meme Trends With Me.Me Trends Kitten Puppy Example

If you have some time to waste kill, there is even an awesome “random” feature that will give you trends for a couple of related terms… when playing with it, we got:

  • Xbox vs. Nintendo vs. Playstation.
  • Donald Trump vs. Hilary Clinton.
  • Obama vs. Biden.

Fun fact: actually teamed up with data scientist and former NASA researcher Evan Freitag to create Trends!

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: beyond having fun or placing bets with your coworkers, Trends can prove very useful when creating posts for your audience, either when hesitating between two topics, or when trying to surf a trending topic.

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