twitter event targeting

#Tip — Leverage Twitter Event Targeting For Free

In July 2015, Twitter announced a new advertising tool set: Twitter Event Targeting.

Of course, Twitter’s end goal with this interface is to sell more ads to advertisers — by serving more relevant ads to users.

But that doesn’t mean we cannot take advantage of these new fancy tools without spending a dime!

Here is a sneak peak in Twitter Event Target‘s tools and how you can leverage (some of ) them for free:

  • Event calendar lists major, global events related to sports, politics, music, TV and festivals: it’s a great, FREE source of inspiration when you are building your social media calendar and looking for post ideas.
  • Event insights provides detailed data about the audiences of — understand: the people who talk about — the above events, based on the previous year data: it’s a very powerful, FREE way to understand how users engage with a particular event and adapt your own messages to optimize their impact.
  • Event activation allows you to target audiences around events and promote your tweets to them: it’s a simple yet effective way to leverage the power of contextual advertising — NOT FREE, of course. 😉

Pretty cool, huh?

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