Get Two Sides To Every Story With The Perspective

#LongReads — Get Two Sides To Every Story With The Perspective

This week, we are dedicating our #LongReads section to a meta Long Read: The Perspective, a platform offering two contradicting views on every hot topic and allowing readers not only to read, but also vote, comment and play.

As The Perspective Founder Daniel Ravner puts it:

While the web was meant to broaden our horizons, the opposite has happened. Filter bubbles, click baits, skewed and fake news have all but insulated and polarized us. The Perspective’s mission is to open minds through content that is specifically designed to show you what you’re missing and to make it easier to consider ideas that are different from your own.

Getting practical, here are three examples to illustrate The Perspective’s work:

Get Two Sides To Every Story With The Perspective Snapchat versus Instagram Stories

Start considering contradicting views with The Perspective here.

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: as individuals, it’s useful to shape nuanced opinions on trending topics; as professionals, it can be an interesting tool to moderate a debate bursting on a social account you manage.

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