vine is dying long live hype

#New — Vine Is Dead. Long Live Hype.

In August, we were telling you that Vine was dying: yesterday, Twitter officially announced that they were discontinuing the Vine mobile app.

Yes: Vine is dead.

But, quite interestingly, yesterday was also the day when Vine’s former Co-Founder Rus Yusupov — @rus — tweeted “Don’t sell your company” and retweeted the following:

vine is dying long live hype retweet from rus yusupov

In other words, when Vine is dying, is launching.

Hype is a mobile app that lets you broadcast live interactive video.

vine is dying long live hype homepage screenshot

From a brand and business perspective, it will be interesting to see how Hype compares with the various alternative video platforms — and their respective formats — available on the market: Periscope, Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram and of course Snapchat.

In the meantime, let’s hope for the best.

Happy hyping.

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