Walk While Sitting With Hovr

#Tip — Walk While Sitting With Hovr

If you spend quite some time working at your desk every day, chances are you rarely take a break to stretch your muscles — although you know it’s highly recommended!

Don’t worry, a Chicago-based company may have just found a solution for you: Hovr, a desk accessory that lets you “walk while sitting”, by allowing you to keep your legs in movement.

walk while sitting hovr demo

In particular, Hovr helps:

  • Improve your blood circulation.
  • Stay mentally alert throughout the day.
  • Produce motion with your leg that is not distracting for your mind.
  • Enjoy the closest possible activity to walking, while sitting.
  • Burn 17% more calories than while sitting.
  • Track your activity with a mobile app.

You can pre-order Hovr on Indiegogo for $189.

Cherry on the cake, the project has already been overfunded!

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