Predict Which Content Will Go Viral With GraphiStories

#Tool — Predict Which Content Will Go Viral With GraphiStories

Social trends are awesome, as they teach us what is trending now, but what if there was a way to predict what will go viral next?

Lucky we are: this is exactly what Graphistories was designed for.

The application monitors 5,000+ websites and all major social networks and lets you:

  • Discover and curate the most engaging stories.
  • Source assets — videos, images, posts — from these stories to build your own content.
  • Watch what is trending on your competitors’ digital properties.

graphistories predicts what will got viral next

How can Graphistories know what will go viral next?

By not only measuring engagement — how many people interact with a story — but also velocity, i.e. how fast people are sharing a piece of content.

This nice tool costs 29€ per month for individuals, 99€ for SMBs, and special packages are available for agencies and publishers.

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