Engage With Your Viewers Thanks To YouTube Community

#Tip — Engage With Your Viewers Thanks To YouTube Community

YouTube — the third most visited website in the world after Google & Facebook — just launched its own social network: YouTube Community.

This new beta product introducing social features, that will allow:

  • Content creators to post text messages, images, GIFs and even live videos, in between regular uploads.
  • Subscribers to receive notifications each time something new happens on a channel they follow.

YouTube Community Phone Feed Screenshot

At the moment, the beta version is limited to a set of content creators who contributed to developing the product: John & Hank Green, to AsapSCIENCE, The Game Theorists, Karmin, The Key of Awesome, The Kloons, Lilly Singh, Peter Hollens, Rosianna Halse Rojas, Sam Tsui, Threadbanger, and VSauce3

It will be available to more and more channel owners in the next few months (no specific ETA).

YouTube Community is not a new standalone social network in and of itself: instead, it is a great way for content creators to engage with their viewers.

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