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Understand Why People Say Yes and Leverage The Psychology Of Persuasion

#Books — Understand Why People Say Yes and Leverage The Psychology Of Persuasion

As social media managers, we are in the business of influencing our audience (for the better), and understanding the psychology of persuasion is critical. This is where Dr Robert Cialdini’s 1984 bestseller Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion comes handy to understand why people say yes to some things and no to others: In Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, you will learn about

Measure everything on screen with ease with PixelSnap image

#Tools — Measure everything on screen with ease with PixelSnap

As social media managers, content creation is part of our daily routine, especially when it comes down to graphics and design. Unless you are a trained designer, getting aspect ratios right can be intimidating, if not confusing. Pixel Snap makes it easy and convenient to measure everything on screen, finding out the number of pixels and dimensions of any element.

Understand Why Everyone Is Talking About This Crypto Meme On Facebook screenshot

#Fun — Leverage The Power of Memes To Engage And Grow You Audience On Social Media

It’s no secret that social media love memes and memes love social media, as they feed and grow from each other. Indeed, memes are great pieces of content to share on social media, since by nature they are: Brief: images and videos make for good snacking content, that’s quick to consume, catering to always shorter attention spans. Great explainers: leveraging

Take Advantage of Instagram's New Carousel Ad Format for Stories screenshot

#Tips — Learn More About The New Carousel Ads For Instagram Stories

Less than a year ago, Instagram launched Stories Featured Ads — a successful ad format with over 300 million daily users. Now, the social media platform is capitalizing on the success of Instagram Stories and introducing Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories. In other words, you can have up to three pieces of media per Stories ad (until now, it was

Drive Traffic From The Links You Share With Keeplink.png

#Tool — Drive Traffic From The Links You Share With Keeplink

Like all of us, you probably share a lot of content and links on social media. But did you know you can drive traffic to your website with all those links? Keeplink allows you to share third-party content with a call to action with a link pointing back to your website. Driving traffic from the links you share is very easy:

Facebook Believes its Future Lies in Video and Video Ads

#LongReads — Discover Why Facebook’s Future Lies Video Ads

This week in our #LongReads section, we are bringing up a potentially controversial topic concerning Facebook’s alleged attempt to increase video viewership. Following Facebook’s recent announcement of a major Newsfeed’s update, The New York Times published this article : As Facebook Changes Its Feed, Advertisers see Video Ambitions. Why is that potentially controversial, you ask? Well, while Facebook mentioned that the change will

#Book — Build A Great Brand With Denise Lee Yohn

Your brand is your personality, the link that connects your company to your customers. If you want to build a great brand for your company, then look no further than Denise Lee Yohn’s seven brand-building principles in What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principle That Separate The Best From The Rest. Credit: Amazon.com What Great Brands Do explains the

Create Video Content Cost-Effectively At Scale With Shootsta

#Tool — Create Video Content Cost-Effectively At Scale With Shootsta

We all know video content is king, but producing large volumes of video content is expensive, tiring, and cumbersome. Shootsta helps you create professional, high-quality video content cost-effectively at scale: they provide you with the tools and resources to make it happen. Shootsta is perfect for you if your brand requires: More than four videos per month 24 hours quick turnaround time

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