this cat rides the subway like a boss in tokyo

#Fun — This cat rides the subway like a boss

Some cats love hanging on the couch, while others may enjoy wandering in the garden.

One cat in Tokyo has decided to do things his own way, supposedly riding the subway like a boss since 2013!

the facebook supremacy

#LongReads — The Facebook Supremacy

Just the once, we are bending the rules and suggesting not one but two long reads.

With the F8 around the corner, we handpicked articles highlighting how powerful Facebook is — and will become — or what we like to call “The Facebook Supremacy”.

linkedin median household income

#Data — LinkedIn Median Household Income

According to a recent survey by GfK MRI, which talked to 25,000 U.S. adults to gain insight about multiple social platforms’ user characteristics, the LinkedIn median household income is approximately $110,800.