calendy introducing a brand new workflow

#Loomly — Introducing A Brand New Workflow

In the four months since we launched Loomly in beta, we have been blessed with your pumping encouragements and your amazing feedback.

Thanks to you, we have been able to release a first major update and many new features.

Today, we are excited to share with you a second major update: introducing a brand new workflow in Loomly.

social media time management

#LongRead — Social Media Time Management

The most precious resources we have is time: that was true for Steve Jobs and it is true for all of us Social Media Managers.

In this detailed and pragmatic piece for the Huffington Post, Social Media Strategist Katie Lance shares her social media time management system.

automate your freelance business

#Tool — Automate Your Freelance Business With AND CO

Being a freelancer is awesome in terms of freedom and independence.

The flip side of the coin is the responsibility to manage all aspects of the business, including administrative tasks on a daily basis.

Enters AND CO, your personal, human Chief Operator, who is here to automate your freelance business.

facebook branded content

#Tip — Promote Posts On Third-Party Pages With Facebook Branded Content

Partnering with a publisher, a celebrity or an influencer is a nice marketing move, as it helps you reach out to your partner’s audience, while leveraging their credibility.

However, just like any other page on Facebook, their organic reach may be limited and a post from them about your brand may not get all the attention it deserves.

This is where Facebook Branded Content comes into play!

Percentage Of Paid Reach On Facebook

#Data — Percentage Of Paid Reach On Facebook

Organic reach on Facebook, especially for Pages, has been a hot topic for years now…

Particularly because it allegedly never stopped decreasing, hence encouraging brands and businesses to amplify their posts with… ads.

But, how much of Facebook Pages’ total reach actually is paid reach on Facebook?