Facebook Believes its Future Lies in Video and Video Ads

#LongReads — Discover Why Facebook’s Future Lies Video Ads

This week in our #LongReads section, we are bringing up a potentially controversial topic concerning Facebook’s alleged attempt to increase video viewership.

Following Facebook’s recent announcement of a major Newsfeed’s update, The New York Times published this article : As Facebook Changes Its Feed, Advertisers see Video Ambitions.

Why is that potentially controversial, you ask?

Well, while Facebook mentioned that the change will help increase the number of meaningful social interactions (from friends & family rather than brands & publishers) a user receives on their Newsfeed, some advertising executives, believe this move has strong links to the platform’s attempt to increase video viewership through Facebook Watch, and push more video ads.

Facebook Believes its Future Lies in Video and Video Ads Facebook Watch Screenshot

In this long read, you will learn about:

  1. Facebook’s desire to shift to video
  2. The connection between television and Facebook
  3. The opinions and thoughts of Facebook’s changing algorithm from industry leaders

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: an interesting perspective on Facebook’s continual push for video content.

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#Book — Build A Great Brand With Denise Lee Yohn

Your brand is your personality, the link that connects your company to your customers.

If you want to build a great brand for your company, then look no further than Denise Lee Yohn’s seven brand-building principles in What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principle That Separate The Best From The Rest.

Credit: Amazon.com

What Great Brands Do explains the seven primary principles and best practices to put your company’s brand in the driver’s seat.

To build a great brand:

  1. Start inside
  2. Avoid selling products
  3. Ignore trends
  4. Don’t chase customers
  5. Sweat the small stuff
  6. Commit and stay committed
  7. Never have to “give back”

Nearly two-thirds of companies pay millions in marketing and advertising without aligning their strategies with their brand values.

Denise Lee Yohn’s seven brand-building principles will help you avoid these mistakes by adopting a brand-as-business approach.

What Great Brands Do is available on Amazon and you can access a free chapter here.

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: ideas to change the way you think and work on your company’s online social media presence, starting with the basics of what makes a successful brand.

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Create Video Content Cost-Effectively At Scale With Shootsta

#Tool — Create Video Content Cost-Effectively At Scale With Shootsta

We all know video content is king, but producing large volumes of video content is expensive, tiring, and cumbersome.

Shootsta helps you create professional, high-quality video content cost-effectively at scale: they provide you with the tools and resources to make it happen.

Shootsta is perfect for you if your brand requires:

  • More than four videos per month
  • 24 hours quick turnaround time
  • Ongoing creative support

For every subscription with Shootsta, you will receive:

  1. A custom built kit that includes all the filming essentials
  2. An online platform that provides hands-on workshops and sessions to help you plan, strategize, and shoot your content
  3. Dedicated editors that complete all the post-production for you including animated logos, color grading, music, and lower thirds

Create Video Content Cost-Effectively At Scale With Shootsta screenshot

Shootsta is available as a subscription package starting from $3,800 per month.

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: a means to create large volumes of professional quality video content quickly.

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Join Our Team We Are Opening These 4 New Positions In Los Angeles California

#Loomly — Join Our Team, We Are Opening These 4 New Positions In Los Angeles, California

Loomly is growing and we are looking for enthusiastic collaborators to join our team here is Los Angeles, California and contribute to making social media manager’s job easier.

Join Our Team In Los Angeles California

We love cats but this is not what working at Loomly looks like: it’s actually even more fun.

Where We Are Going

As you probably know,  we are democratizing social media expertise & services to empower every one to stand out from the crowd. This journey started with the goal of building the best social media planning solution on the market. Now, the real fun begins, as we want to take the platform to the next level…

What We Offer

We are a US company and we are building our core team here in Los Angeles, California. For you, that means: awesome teammates, work/life balance & meaningful work. Along with a competitive package and cool perks, of course. You can learn more about our company culture & values on our Career page (tip: look for the keyword “douchebaggery-free area”, you won’t be disappointed).

Who We Are Looking For

We are opening 4 key positions here in Los Angeles, California as part of our core team:

  • Growth Hacker: to lead growth initiatives, inclusive of developing organic user acquisition channels, contributing to optimizing product/market fit and improving key performance indicators.
  • Data Scientist: to work directly with our CEO and lead all data-related efforts at Loomly. This will include designing, implementing and scaling a patent pending machine learning engine from scratch, building a company-wide data warehouse, and providing data-driven, business insights to both the marketing and the engineering team.
  • Front End Developer & UI/UX Designer: to continuously improve our platform ergonomics and offer the best possible experience to our users. This will include optimizing existing product features as well as building new ones from the ground up and providing support to the marketing team to implement ergonomic conversion funnels.

How To Apply

If you would like to join our team, send us a link to your LinkedIn profile, along with some samples of your work (GitHub, StackOverflow, portfolio) at career@loomly.com and let us know in a short paragraph why you would like to join the Loomly team and how you can contribute to our long-term goals.

If you know someone who would be a great fit for our team, feel free to send them our way as well: we will be more than happy to consider their application!

We are looking forward to building the future of Loomly together,

The Loomly Team.

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