#Tip — Reward Your Community With An Amazon Giveaway

Reward Your Community With An Amazon GiveawayOrganizing a giveaway is (almost) always a great idea to engage and reward your community, and one of the easiest ways to handle this may be to use Amazon Giveaway.

Why? Because Amazon Giveaway makes things incredibly easy and smooth:

  • Select a prize from bazillion items eligible at Amazon.com.
  • Setup the details of your giveaway: number of prizes, giveaway type — sweepstakes, random instant win, lucky number win, “first-come, first-serve” — and rule for winning (probability).
  • Receive the link of your giveaway instantly over email and share it on social media.
  • And that’s it: Amazon will take care of the rest, sending prizes for you to your lucky followers-winners!

Amazon Giveaway how it works

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: with Amazon Giveaway, there is no need to setup anything on the technical side and there is no cost beyond the price of the prize. It just does not get easier than that!

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