Be Nice On Social Media And Go Viral Or Just Be Nice

#LongRead — Be Nice (On Social Media) And Go Viral. Or Just Be Nice.

In his opinion piece for AdWeek, GlassView VP of Business Development Peter Dakich explains why it pays to be nice on social media.

This is not really a long read per se — 632 words — but a good read that definitely sparks a deeper reflexion about the stakes, for brands and individuals alike, of being nice online.

While (antagonizing) Super Bowl ads flopped, “nice” viral videos have become hits. That’s because no matter what our political leanings, we all like kittens and puppies and agree that we ought to treat people with disabilities with respect and that teens should get a chance to have fun.

In the war zone that is our News Feed, such messages also give us a chance to say, “I’m about more than politics.” Smart advertisers should seize this moment and say something positive that can’t be construed as an attack on one side or the other—at least until baby pics start dominating the News Feed again.

Countless of recent hits tend to support this idea, such as this divorced father-of-two who keeps celebrating his ex-wife’s birthday to set an example for his sons, to this IHOP waiter‘s random act of kindness with a disabled customer and this Starbucks employee delivering coffee and pastries to fire fighters & policemen: all three stories of kindness went viral.

Of course, the appearing lesson here is that random acts of kindness have a huge viral potential.

But there is much more here.

Social media are a great place to spread any kind of behavior and emotion and, as social media professionals, we have the power to decide which kind of behavior and emotion we want to spread.

So, why not being nice?

Maybe it will help a post go viral, but if it does not, at least it will contribute to sharing a good vibe.

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