Read Our Top 5 Tools Articles Of 2016

#BestOf — Read Our Top 5 “Tools” Articles Of 2016

During Winter Holidays, we are doing things a bit differently. December 19-23, we’ll be taking a look back at 2016 and share our best articles of the year with you again, one category a day. December 26-30, we’ll take a little break and come back January 2, with lots of new and exciting things for you. Happy Holidays! The Loomly Team.

Let’s start this #BestOf with our Top 5 tools of the year.

1. Printerest

Printerest is a free Chrome extension that lets you print your Pinterest pins:

print your pinterest pins with printerest

2. Compressor

Compressor is a free online service that help you reduce drastically the size of an image or a photo, whilst maintaining a high quality with almost no difference before and after compression.

Optimize Images For Social Media With Compressor

3. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free online tool that makes it incredibly easy to create impactful social media visuals (as well as other forms of graphics).

Create Awesome Social Media Content With Adobe Spark

4. Adobe Color CC (Formerly Adobe Kuler)

Adobe Color CC is a free online platform that allows you to build color combinations according to seven different color rules — Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complementary, Compound, Shades and of course Custom — or from an existing picture.

color combinations from adobe kuler

5. Giphy Catpure

Giphy Capture is a small, simple and free Mac app that lets you create GIFs by capturing what’s on your screen, from web pages, to workflows and videos.

create GIFs with Giphy Capture app screenshot

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