Build Your Own Beautiful Brand With Emblem

#Resource — Build Your Own Beautiful Brand With Emblem

If you wanted to design a beautiful brand — like the ones you see on talented designers’ portofilios — you basically had two choices: either hire one of these talented designers, or DIY.

There is now a third option: Emblem.

This online app built by the nice folks from Studio Emblem, helps you create your own visual brand easily and affordably.

Type in the name of your brand, and Emblem will come up with a substantial number of turnkey brand guidelines, including a logo, a color palette, a typography package and a pattern or a texture.

You can then apply these design elements wherever you want, including on your website, and you will even get some pre-cut social media elements, as well as pre-cut business cards ready to print.

Here is an example of what you Emblem can do for you:

Example of a beautiful brand created with Emblem

Emblem starts at $9 per month (paid annually) and grants you full ownership of your beautiful brand items for that price.

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: whether you want to build your own brand as a freelancer, an agency or a business, or whether you need to create design work for a client, Emblem could save you tons of time and money, or at the very list provide you with a solid dose of inspiration!

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