build wordpress websites by drag and drop with elementor

#Tool — Build WordPress Websites By Drag And Drop

Just because you are a — great — Social Media Manager, whose job literally happens on the Internet, does not mean you are a web developer.

Yet, once in a while, you may need to quickly put together a website, either to showcase an idea or host a landing page for a campaign.

If you are not “fluent” in HTML / CSS / JS / PHP, you are going to love Elementor.

This live page builder allows you to create awesome WordPress wesbites by drag and drop.

Elementor includes:

  • Modules to resize sections and columns, as well as (re)position content inside these elements.
  • 30+ premium quality widgets.
  • Icons, backgrounds, fonts and color palettes.

Here are some sample WordPress websites built with Elementor:

wordpress websites built with elementor example 1

wordpress websites built with elementor example 2

It’s fast, easy and free — and it works with any WordPress theme.

Happy building.

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