Create Your Own Star Wars Intro

#Fun — Create Your Own Star Wars Intro

If you have ever dreamed about creating your own Star Wars Intro, you are not alone.

Programmers Bruno Orlandi & Nihey Takizawa have put together an online tool that makes it very easy: Star Wars Intro Creator.

Just define all the elements of your intro and hit play:

create your own star wars intro form

You will instantly see a preview of your own Star Wars Intro in video:

create your own star wars intro calendy example

Last, you can download your video: you can wait and get it for free, or donate $5+ and get it within a couple of hours.

This fun tool will come pretty handy when we’ll all be preparing posts for Star Wars Day on May the 4th, 2017.

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Get Hilarious Puns To Share With Pun Generator

#Fun — Create Hilarious Puns To Share With Pun Generator

In life in general and on the Internet in particular, humor goes a long way.

Puns are no exception and can come handy in a number of situations:

  • To create a funny social media post.
  • To reply to a hilarious comment from a fan or follower.
  • To get noticed on a forum.

One way of coming up with cool puns is to use Pun Generator, a free online tool that — well — generates puns:

pun generator cat example

We ran a quick test to find puns made of the word “cat” and were pleased to get some results that were good enough to join our long list of #KittyQuotes, such as “The opera ain’t over till the Cat lady sings” and “Living off the Cat of the land.”

Bonus: Pun Generator can also generate phrases containing a specific word, which can be useful to make rhymes for instance.


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Enjoy The Smell Of A New Mac For 55 Hours

#Fun — Enjoy The Smell Of A New Mac For 55 Hours

A new Mac is like a new car: it has this particular smell that we all love so much but also wears off so quickly.

Well, that’s actually true not only for new Macs, but for pretty much any new high-tech product, and particularly new Apple computers.

That’s because the Apple brand experience is a sensory one, which starts with your unboxing of new products.

To make this sensory experience last longer, the folks at Twelve South have come up with an unusual solution: a candle that smells like a new Mac 😉

new mac candles product shots

The New Mac Candle is hand poured in South Carolina, made 100% of soy wax and offers a burning time of up to 55 hours.

This funny candle is available for $24 here (potentially out of stock) and from this list of retailers.

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Visit North Korea On Instagram

#Fun — Visit North Korea On Instagram

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)— a.k.a. North Korea — is probably the most enclosed, secretive and guarded country in the world: now, you can visit it, thanks to awesome Instagram accounts:

turn videos into art with style

#Fun — Turn Videos Into Art With Style

If you like Prisma, you will love Style: this nice desktop app lets you turn videos into art.

The main difference between Style and Prisma, is that the former can run locally (i.e offline), while the latter accesses its neural network — Artificial Intelligence technology — in the cloud (i.e. online).

create bullet time effect videos with a centriphone

#Fun — Create Bullet Time Effect Videos With A Centriphone

The Bullet Time effect is a visual effect popularized by The Matrix film series.

You know: when Agent Smith takes a shot at Neo, who then avoids a bullet in slow motion while the camera revolves around him, that’s a Bullet Time effect.

Spice Up Your Feed With Ugly Instagram Pictures

#Fun — Spice Up Your Feed With Ugly Instagram Pictures

While Instagram is the realm of digitally-magnified photos, a surprising trend has recently taken the visual network by storm: ugly Instagram pictures!

Yes, you read that correctly: it looks like hideous is the new sexy.

It all started in Australia with a few terrific accounts, according to Mashable & Elite Daily:

  • Park_Benches by Josh Ridge: Need a break? Take a seat! This park bench series is a hobby of mine and all benches are geotagged for your convenience. Where do you like to sit?
  • Theaustralianugliness: Maybe ugly, maybe not? Continuing Robin Boyd’s conversation about the character of Australia’s built environment.
  • Inner_northern_delights by Liz Jones: Melbourne’s inner north is a melting pot of retro kitsch, urban goodness. Snapshots of the delightful and the not so delightful from our fave suburbs.
  • Uglymelbournehouses by Franck Lloyd Wrong: making carefully considered analysis of houses that may or may not be ugly… depending on who you ask… since 1976.

Whether you are going through a boring day or just want to unwind, you WILL have a good time browsing these ugly Instagram accounts.

Enjoy 😉

Warning: this trend is not to be confused with the “Ugly Instagram List” scam, as mentioned here and there.

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