Learn About Facebook's Plan to Unite AR, VR and NewsFeed with 3D Posts screenshot.jpg

#Long Reads — Learn About Facebook’s Plan to 3D Posts Thanks to AR, VR & Newsfeed

What if you could publish 3D posts on social media, just like you can create objects with a 3D printer? Well, actually, you can. In this TechCrunch piece, Josh Constine gives us a glimpse into the future of social media, as Mark Zuckerberg plans to unite AR, VR, and Newsfeed with 3D objects to let us craft and share 3D posts. In

Facebook Believes its Future Lies in Video and Video Ads

#LongReads — Discover Why Facebook’s Future Lies Video Ads

This week in our #LongReads section, we are bringing up a potentially controversial topic concerning Facebook’s alleged attempt to increase video viewership. Following Facebook’s recent announcement of a major Newsfeed’s update, The New York Times published this article : As Facebook Changes Its Feed, Advertisers see Video Ambitions. Why is that potentially controversial, you ask? Well, while Facebook mentioned that the change will

Zoom On The Impact Of Social Media On Democracy

#LongRead — Zoom On The Impact Of Social Media On Democracy

In the past, social media have both been seen as an unprecedented opportunity and a lethal threat for Democracy. This week in our Long Reads section, we are featuring the best piece of journalism we have read so far on that very topic: the impact of social media on Democracy. Extracted from the print version of The Economist from November

Make Creative Use Of Social Media

#LongReads — Make Creative Use Of Social Media

Let’s start the week on the right foot with two inspiring long reads including ideas to make creative use of social media: On Medium, Tristan Ferne, in charge of R&D on the web for the BBC, suggests 12 new digital story formats to standout online: On TechCrunch, Devin Coldewey reports how Sociologist Emilio Zagheni at the University of Washington found a

Acknowledge These Positive Social Media Evolutions

#LongReads — Acknowledge These Positive Social Media Evolutions

It’s no secret that change is hard, be it within a company, an industry or platforms used by millions — or even billions — of people: that being said, change is also good, and we want to feature today some positive social media evolutions. In this Long Reads TechCrunch Special Edition, we will focus on three pieces showing how social

Keep Up With Twitter Latest News

#LongReads — Keep Up With Twitter Latest News

If you read social media publications, then you may have noticed how much everybody is talking about Twitter recently: as it’s getting harder to keep up with Twitter latest news, we made a short selection for of what we thought was worth noting. In this LongReads episode, we feature 3 articles: In a pretty incredible (updated) story for The Daily

Watching The Rise Of Social Media Reality

#LongReads — Watching The Rise Of Social Media Reality

Since their early days, social media have always been a way for users to share a part of their reality, but as social media permeate our lives & habits a bit more every single day, it’s worth wondering if we are not reaching a point where social media is taking over reality: welcome to social media reality. In this week’s

Observe How Facebook Is Challenging YouTube

#LongRead — Observe How Facebook Is Challenging YouTube

As we’ve seen earlier this week, beyond Facebook — and Facebook’s other apps such as Messenger & WhatsApp — only YouTube has more than one billion monthly users: this may be the reason why Facebook is challenging YouTube on the video area, chasing online stars. In this New York Times piece, Daisuke Wakabayashi gives us a backstage access to Facebook’s

Learn More About The Societal Challenges Induced By Social Media

#LongRead — Learn More About The Societal Challenges Induced By Social Media

Social media being by nature social, we wanted to take a critic look at what the impact of our favorite platforms could have on society: in today’s #LongReads, you will learn about five societal challenges induced by social media. If you are familiar with this blog, you know we always try to feature long-form articles from various media outlets and today

Get Two Sides To Every Story With The Perspective

#LongReads — Get Two Sides To Every Story With The Perspective

This week, we are dedicating our #LongReads section to a meta Long Read: The Perspective, a platform offering two contradicting views on every hot topic and allowing readers not only to read, but also vote, comment and play. As The Perspective Founder Daniel Ravner puts it: While the web was meant to broaden our horizons, the opposite has happened. Filter bubbles, click baits,