Take Advantage of Instagram's New Carousel Ad Format for Stories screenshot

#Tips — Learn More About The New Carousel Ads For Instagram Stories

Less than a year ago, Instagram launched Stories Featured Ads — a successful ad format with over 300 million daily users. Now, the social media platform is capitalizing on the success of Instagram Stories and introducing Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories. In other words, you can have up to three pieces of media per Stories ad (until now, it was

Hack Advertising With Spacewolff The Ad Marketplace

#Tip — Hack Advertising With Spacewolff, The Ad Marketplace

Let’s kick off this week with a pretty cool advertising hack: Spacewolff, the ultimate ad marketplace. Think of it as the “Airbnb of advertising”: Spacewolff is an online marketplace connecting advertisers and owners of ad space. Small and large businesses, individuals, publishers, and content creators can create and sell space across multiple channels. Advertisers can easily search and sort ad

Create Animated Emoji GIFs With Demoji

#Tip — Create Animated Emoji GIFs With Demoji

What’s the only thing better than Emojis & animated GIFs? Animated emoji GIFs! What exactly are animated emoji GIFs? It’s simple: multiple emojis combined into one animated GIF. And it’s even simpler to use: Type a couple of emojis. Demji automatically combines these emojis into an animated GIF for you. Share the result wherever you want. Although the primary purpose

Read & Share The Best Medium Stories With Top Medium Stories

#Tip — Read & Share The Best Medium Stories With Top Medium Stories

If you love Medium but sometimes feel overwhelmed by the quantity of content available out there, then Top Medium Stories is exactly what you need: a list of the best Medium stories — understand: the most popular — updated daily. What’s in it for Social Media Managers: An efficient way to keep an eye on trends and what (a part of)

Leverage RSS Feeds For Inspiration In Loomly

#Tip — Leverage RSS Feeds For Inspiration In Loomly

Recently, we launched new Post Ideas features allowing you to leverage RSS Feeds for inspiration in Loomly: here are three ways to take advantage of this update! Note: if you are wondering what RSS feeds are, here is everything you need to know on that subject. Share your own blog posts If you own and maintain a blog — be it

Set Up A Publisher Logo With Facebook Brand Asset Library

#Tip — Set Up A Publisher Logo With Facebook Brand Asset Library

After a short blogging break in August, as our entire team was focusing on crafting new major features — and surprises — coming up very soon, Loomly Toolkit is back to its regular publishing fequency of one short post weekday. It’s good to be back and connect with you all again: happy Monday! Last week, Facebook announced an interesting update allowing

Customize Facebook Link Previews With Pretty Links (And With Caution)

#Tip — Customize Facebook Link Previews With Pretty Links (And With Caution)

Earlier this week, we were telling you about the latest Facebook Link Preview update, which now prevents you from editing metadata in your posts, and we have disabled this feature in Loomly as well. All over the web, social media managers have been expressing their frustration with this Facebook update — although in fairness many also understand what’s at stake here —

Know Your Marketing Definitions With This Marketing Glossary

#Tip — Know Your Marketing Definitions With This Marketing Glossary

Have you already been in this meeting (or phone call) with a client when they mentioned a term or an acronym assuming you knew what it meant while you didn’t? Don’t worry, it happened to us all to “forget” — i.e. not know — one or two marketing definitions. Indeed, marketing has always had a rich lexical field with all sorts

Get The New Pride Reaction On Facebook

#Tip — Unlock The New, Limited-Edition Pride Reaction On Facebook

To celebrate Pride Month, Facebook created a limited-edition Pride Reaction, allowing you to express your pride reaction to some posts. However, this new Pride Reaction won’t appear by default for all Facebook users: to unlock it, you need to actually show your support for the LGBTQ community by “liking” the LGBTQ@Facebook Page. According to Facebook VP & Executive Sponsor of pride@facebook Alex Schultz: […]

Win The Day With The Morning Routine App

#Tip — Win The Day With The Morning Routine App

Even when we get up on the wrong side of the bed, we can still win the day, with a simple yet thorough morning routine. That’s the very promise of this app — legitimately named — Morning Routine. The concept is simple and powerful: Discover morning habits from successful people. Create your own morning routine, either from existing templates or starting