Shorten Links With Branded URLs

#Tool — Shorten Links With Branded URLs

It’s a fairly common — and best — practice to shorten links on social media, with tools such as, tinyurl, or This indeed makes for cleaner, shorter and trackable links, i.e. three things social media pros really love. But what’s the one thing that’s better than shorten links? Branded shorten URLs! is an online service that allows you

Predict Which Content Will Go Viral With GraphiStories

#Tool — Predict Which Content Will Go Viral With GraphiStories

Social trends are awesome, as they teach us what is trending now, but what if there was a way to predict what will go viral next? Lucky we are: this is exactly what Graphistories was designed for. The application monitors 5,000+ websites and all major social networks and lets you: Discover and curate the most engaging stories. Source assets —

Create A BuzzFeed Quiz with Qzzr

#Tool — Create A BuzzFeed Quiz with Qzzr

What type of emoji are you?, Which Disney princess are you? or How French are you?: chances are you’ve already taken at least one BuzzFeed quiz in your life! And you probably also know how addictive and viral these little questionnaires are. Well, good news: you can create a BuzzFeed quiz too, with Qzzr. This nice platform allows you to: Create

tracking time with timely

#Tool — Don’t Spend Any More Time Tracking Time

Tracking time is crucial for service businesses whose pricing model is based on billable hours. But there is a loophole in this whole process: how do you account for the time spent tracking time? Well, the right answer is: you don’t. The better answer is: you no longer need to waste your time tracking time, thanks to Timely.

Curate Instagram photos with yotpo

#Tool — Curate Instagram Photos With Yotpo

According to Yotpo, 77% of shoppers prefer customers photos to professional shots: that’s probably why the company has developed a new solution allowing you to curate Instagram photos.

build wordpress websites by drag and drop with elementor

#Tool — Build WordPress Websites By Drag And Drop

Just because you are a — great — Social Media Manager, whose job literally happens on the Internet, does not mean you are a web developer. Yet, once in a while, you may need to quickly put together a website, either to showcase an idea or host a landing page for a campaign.