Know When The Time Is Right To Take Outdoor Photos With GoldenHour

#Tool — Know When The Time Is Right To Take Outdoor Photos With GoldenHour

Whether you want to shoot lifestyle pictures or set your product in an organic environment, outdoor photos are the way to go. But, if you are not a photographer — and most of us, as Social Media Managers, are not — you know it’s not always easy to get out of the office and catch a good ray of light.

Optimize videos for social media with Compressify

#Tool — Optimize Videos For Social Media With Compressify

In the past, we shared with you a cool tool to compress and optimize images for social media: Compressor. Today, we are happy to add a similar solution to your toolbelt, to optimize videos for social media (or any other use case, for that matter): Compressify.

See Twitter From Another Perspective With Otherside

#Tool — See Twitter From Another Perspective With Otherside

Twitter is a great way to see what’s happening. To bypass filter bubbles though and get some more nuanced information, it may be interesting to see Twitter from another perspective. This is what Otherside was invented for: to let you create a list based on the accounts another user follows, so you can experience Twitter from their perspective. This is a great

create a tweetstorm with storm it

#Tool — Create A Tweetstorm With Storm It

Yes, Twitter’s character count is evolving and there has been a huge debate about the whole 140-character limit. None of this has ever prevented us from circumventing the rules with a simple concept: tweetstorms*.

turn photos into paintings with prisma

#Tool — Turn Photos Into Paintings With Prisma

Once in a while, a new concept / technology / app comes up and changes the game: Prisma may very well be one of these. Thanks to a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence, Prisma lets you turn photos into paintings — not to say art.

find awesome combinations with fontpair

#Tool — Find Awesome Font Combinations With Font Pair

Talented designers have a gift to find awesome font combinations. For the rest of us, coming up with font that play well together may not be so obvious and require a little help. This is precisely what Font Pair was designed for: suggesting great font combinations.

automate your freelance business

#Tool — Automate Your Freelance Business With AND CO

Being a freelancer is awesome in terms of freedom and independence. The flip side of the coin is the responsibility to manage all aspects of the business, including administrative tasks on a daily basis. Enters AND CO, your personal, human Chief Operator, who is here to automate your freelance business.