Learn How Facebook News Feed Works

#Video — Learn How Facebook News Feed Works

If you want to learn how Facebook News Feed works, then the best way is probably to watch this video by Facebook themselves:

If the video does not appear in your browser, click here to watch it on Facebook.

This video is to be watched in parallel with these News Feed publishers guidelines:

  • Publisher Principle 1: People on Facebook Value Content That’s Meaningful and Informative
  • Publisher Principle 2: People on Facebook Value Accurate, Authentic Content
  • Publisher Principle 3: People on Facebook Value Standards for Safe, Respectful Behavior

Learn How Facebook News Feed Works Media and Publisher Help Center

All three Publisher Principles are consistent and resonate with previous, related articles we published on Loomly Toolkit on this very topic, about the latest Facebook News Feed formula, how Facebook fights low quality links in News Feed and, even, this other video already explaining how Facebook News Feed works.

What’s in it for Social Media Manager: a confirmation of what we already all know, i.e. that (good) content is king.

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Dive Into How Facebook News Feed Works

#Video — Dive Into How Facebook News Feed Works

Today, we are introducing a new section on Loomly Toolkit: videos.

Just like we feature articles that we find relevant and interesting in our Long Reads section, we would like to draw your attention tp videos you might like in our brand-new Videos section.

Let’s kick the tires with this great talk from from F8 2017 by Facebook VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri, about how Facebook News Feed works.

In particular, in this video you will learn:

  • What an algorithm is
  • How Facebook News Feed works
  • Where News Feed team areas of focus are in 2017

How Facebook News Feed Works Adam Mosseri F8 2017

This is something we already covered in the past, unveiling the the latest Facebook News Feed formula, and a topic we study on a daily basis to improve how Loomly helps you improve your posts in Post Builder.

What’s in it for social media managers: understanding how Facebook News Feed works is key to optimize your publications and your reach for your audience.

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