the facebook supremacy

#LongReads — The Facebook Supremacy

Just the once, we are bending the rules and suggesting not one but two long reads.

With the F8 around the corner, we handpicked articles highlighting how powerful Facebook is — and will become — or what we like to call “The Facebook Supremacy”.

On the one hand, by analyzing more than 60K articles from 7 major media companies, Naytev found that Facebook amounted to 92% of social shares.

In this article titled Facebook is king, other networks fight for scraps, you will learn:

  • The methodology behind this study.
  • More findings, graphically represented.
  • How the face of media will change in the next few years.

On the other hand, Quartz’s senior Silicon Valley correspondent Alice Truong explains how — and why — Facebook has transformed into a platform of platforms.

This high-level analysis helps understand:

  • How Facebook envisions Oculus & Messenger (hint: as platforms).
  • Why Facebook is working on recruiting their next billion of users.
  • What Mark Zuckerberg is really trying to achieve.

Enjoy your reads!


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