Find (More) Interesting Content & People With Google+ Topics

#New — Find (More) Interesting Content & People With Google+ Topics

It looks like trending topics are a huge trend among social platforms: Facebook & Twitter have been having their own Trends for a while, LinkedIn recently joined the game with LinkedIn Trending Storylines, and now Google+ is launching Topics.

google plus topics screenshot

Credit: Blog.Google

According to Anna Kiyantseva, Product

To help you sort through the many Collections and Communities where people share, we’ve created a new feature called Topics. With Topics, you’ll see a high-quality stream of Collections, Communities and people related to things we think you’ll be interested in. […] To see the recommended Topics, head to your home stream and look for the “Topics to explore” cards. Topics will be rolling out over the next day or so, so don’t worry if you don’t see any suggestions right away.

What’s in it for Social Media Managers: Google+ Topics is both a source of inspiration / curation for your social channels, and an opportunity to connect with people sharing some of your interests.

At Loomly, we LOVE this trend of trends & suggested topics… and we may have something in store for you related to this concept… stay tuned!

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