Launch An Instagram Contest With Tagwin

#Tool — Launch An Instagram Contest With Tagwin

If you’ve already run an Instagram contest, you know it’s a powerful strategy to get new followers, engage with your existing audience and even drive revenue.

You also know how challenging the logistics of such a marketing event can get, as you need to save all contestants details into a spreadsheet and use a random number generator to determine a winner.

Enters Tagwin, a dedicated online service with a friendly interface that makes organizing an Instagram contest a breeze:

  • Authenticate with the Instagram API.
  • Select an entry mechanics: post to a hashtag, follow your account, comment on a post, like a post.
  • Choose a winner selection method: random draw or judging.
  • Launch your contest.

Launch An Instagram Contest With Tagwin screenshot

Tagwin is powered by Strutta, an established online platform speciliazing in web contest & sweepstakes management.

Tagwin is currently offering a special launch promotion allowing you to launch your first Instagram contest for free: then the platform comes with a monthly fee determined by your number of followers, starting at $19 per month.

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