Say More in 140 characters On Twitter

#News — Say More in 140 characters On Twitter

It’s been hard to miss the big news lately: Twitter is changing the rules of what counts as a character against the 140 characters allowed in a tweet.

With the goal of allowing us all to “express even more in 140 characters”, a few things are going to evolve:

  • @usernames will longer use up characters when replying to a tweet.
  • They should keep being accounted for when writing an original tweet, though.
  • Media attachments — such as photos, GIFs, videos, polls and Quote Tweets — will no longer consume characters.
  • Links however, will still count toward your 140 characters.

Here is a very nice, visual synthesis about the evolution explained above, which we borrowed from a great article by Sarah Perez on TechCrunch:

the evolution of twitter 140 character limit

Of course, all these changes will be reflected in Loomly’s tweet character count, as soon as they are live on Twitter 😉

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