Number Of Instagram Users Again

#Data — Number Of Instagram Users (Again)

The number of Instagram users is not growing, it’s rocketing!

Earlier this year, we were reporting that Instagram had just reached 600 million monthly active users.

Yesterday, Instagram announced they had just crossed the 700 million users mark:

Number of Instagram users 700 millions

That’s 100 million new users in less than four months.

In comparison, the last 100 million users took them six months to recruit.

In other words, not only is Instagram growing, it’s accelerating.

And if you look above, you will see that almost 700,000 people liked the announcement of the 700,000,000 users mark: that’s about 1 in a thousand, and at this scale, such engagement is just plainly amazing.

Congratulations Instagram, that’s a well-deserved success.

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