Choose The Perfect Profile Picture With Photofeeler

#Tip — Choose The Perfect Profile Picture With Photofeeler

Picking the perfect profile picture is not an easy task, since the way you perceive yourself / your brand may vary widely compared to other people’s perception.

This is precisely the raison d’être of Photofeeler, a crowdsourced photo testing service that gives you honest, unbiased and respectful feedback about your profile picture based on your goals.

To get feedback about your profile picture:

  • Upload it on the platform.
  • Pick a category, between Social (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Business (LinkedIn) & Dating (Tinder).
  • Select traits you want to evaluate (smart, influential, authentic, etc.).
  • Define an audience of “reviewers” (gender and age range).
  • Gather feedback from voters.

Choose The Perfect Profile Picture With Photofeeler

Results are normalized thanks to algorithms by Carnegie Mellon University Ph.D. mathematicians, which guaranteeing statistical accuracy.

Of course, Photofeeler is primarily useful for individuals, but it can provide interesting feedback for brands and influencers, too.

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