Experiment A World Where Personal Scoring Is Reigning

#LongRead — Experiment A World Where Personal Scoring Is Reigning

Imagine a world ruled by personal scoring, where you — as a human being — would be reviewed and graded just like any restaurant on Yelp or any product on Amazon.

And everything in your life, from what you can buy to who you can meet with and where you can live, would be determined by this personal score.

Well, this is the topic of our long reads of this week, although one item in our selection is more of a “watch” than a “read”:

  • Josh Chin & Gillian Wong, for the Wall Street Journal, unveil China’s New Tool for Social Control: A Credit Rating for Everything, where a behavior-based score determines whether a citizen is suitable for a job, a loan or some air travel.
  • Nosedive — Black Mirror, Season 3 Episode 1 — invites us into a world where every individual lives with a personal score, which is constantly updated by peer-reviews and defines all aspect of the everyday life, from relationships to neighbourhoods and even car rentals.

Of course, until Facebook, Uber and Experian engage in a global merger, we should fine.

Shouldn’t we?

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