Teens are abandoning Facebook

#LongRead – The Real Reasons Why Teens Are Abandoning Facebook & Twitter

This week in our Long Reads*, Assistant Professor of Digital Communication and Social Media from Cabrini College, Felicity Duncan, unveils the real reasons why teens are abandoning Facebook & Twitter.

Hint: it’s not only about being trendy. It’s actually way smarter than that.

[…] the newest data increasingly support the idea that young people are actually transitioning out of using what we might term broadcast social media – like Facebook and Twitter – and switching instead to using narrowcast tools – like Messenger or Snapchat. Instead of posting generic and sanitized updates for all to see, they are sharing their transient goofy selfies and blow-by-blow descriptions of class with only their closest friends.

Read more on The Conversation — Estimated reading time: 7 minutes.

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