Get Up To Speed On The Snapchat / Instagram War About DAU

#Data — Get Up To Speed On The Snapchat / Instagram War About DAU

There is a Snapchat / Instagram war and DAUs (Daily Active Users) appear to be the key metric to determine a winner.

So far, Instagram clearly has the upper hand, with 500 million DAU over 173 million DAU for Snapchat: in other words, about 3x more people use Instagram everyday than Snapchat.

Snapchat Instagram war dau AR Sky Filters

Almost taunting Snapchat, which is celebrating its sixth birthday today by announcing Augmented Reality Sky Filters and new 3D Bitmoji Lenses, Instagram is casually claiming 800 million MAU (Monthly Active Users, up 100 million in less than six months, once again), along with new features fostering safety and kindness on the platform.

Snapchat Instagram war dau 800 million mau

As the saying goes, war is bad for business, unless you win it: in this particular case of Snapchat / Instagram war, the real winners may end up being the users of both platforms, who get to use constantly improved platforms.

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