Apply To Test The Brand-New Snapchat Self-Serve Ad Manager

#Tip — Apply To Test The Brand-New Snapchat Self-Serve Ad Manager

Snap, Inc just announced the launch of its brand-new Snapchat Self-Serve Ad Manager.

This is big news since, until today, you could only buy Snapchat ads through their sales team (reserving this ad product to enterprise customers) or via third-party applications (coming with a fee and making  ads less attractive from a financial point of view).

Snapchat Self-Serve Ad Manager

This new, official Snapchat Self-Serve Ad Manager is free, charges no markup and includes three main products:

  • An Ad Manager to, well, manage your ads (buy, run, analyze, optimize).
  • A Mobile Dashboard to preview how ads will look like inside the consumer Snapchat app.
  • A Business Manager to assign roles and permissions to team members.

You can learn more about the all-new Snapchat Self-Serve Ad Manager in this comprehensive TechCrunch article by Josh Constine.

Most importantly, until this Ad Manager rolls out to all users in June — in particular in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Germany & Australia — you can apply to test it from here!

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