How A Spanish Mayor Runs His Town On Twitter

#LongReads — How A Spanish Mayor Runs His Town On Twitter

Jun is a small town from southern Spain, whose Mayor José Antonio Rodríguez Salas has made a bold move: trying and running his town on Twitter.

José Antonio Rodríguez Salas runs his town on twitter and here is his profile

In this intriguing New York Times article by European Tech Correspondent Mark Scott, you will learn how Twitter is shaping the life of Jun’s inhabitants:

  • Allowing them to make a doctor appointment or “say something when they see something”, with a DM.
  • Saving $380,000 a year on the local budget, since 2011.
  • Getting in touch on a daily basis with town officials — and keeping tabs on them.

a spanish mayor runs his town on twitter picture of the town hall

Credit: Laura Leon for The New York Times

In Jun, residents can have their Twitter account verified… by the town hall, to make sure their concerns are addressed online.

Running a town on Twitter not only is a social media innovation: it is also a social innovation.

What if the future of social media management was actually community management?

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