Get Your Top 9 Instagram Photos Of 2016

#Fun — Get Your Top 9 Instagram Photos Of 2016

It was worldwide hit last year and it will be a hit this year again: 2016bestnine lets you find your Top 9 Instagram photos of 2016 and combine them instantly into a square collage.

Generating your collage is as easy as typing your Instagram ID on the homepage of the website.

Cherry on the cake, the website sums up how many posts you published and how many likes you got in 2016.

Get Your Top 9 Instagram Photos Of 2016 with 2016bestnine

Beyond fun, 2016bestine can also be very useful, for instance if you:

  • Want to know which posts best performed this year, as an inspiration for next year.
  • Need to show your client or your boss some great examples of “when you nailed it” over the past year.
  • Would like to challenge your fans / followers in a contest, such as “who published the most posts” or “who got the most likes” in 2016.

2016bestnine is simple, fun and free: there is absolutely 0 reason for not getting your Top 9 Instagram photos!

Here is ours:

Loomly Top 9 Instagram Photos of 2016

Your turn!

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