vine is dying

#Data — Vine Is Dying

According to a data study by Markerly, Vine is dying: 52% of the top users — users with 15,000+ followers — have left the platform as of January 1, 2016.

The reasons behind this massive exodus of influencers could be:

  • The incredible rise of Snapchat, where users cannot only post longer videos (10 seconds vs. 6 seconds for Vine) but also photos and have fun with cool features such as filters.
  • Instagram‘s video features — as well as child-apps Hyperlapse & Boomerang — that offered similar possibilities but a much larger audience.
  • YouTube, the king platform for videos, where influencers have no time limitations and therefore have more freedom in terms of storytelling to convey messages for the brands they represent.
  • The high organic reach offered by Facebook to video posts, which lets influencers leverage their existing audience rather than having to create new one on yet another platform.

If you like crunching numbers, you can access the raw data of the study in this Google Sheet.

These alarming figures, combined with the recent departure of nine management executives from the company, could be the last nails in the coffin of this former really hot social network.

Let’s just hope they aren’t 😉

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